The Sugar Tin

The "Sugar Tin"

This tin has been sitting on my kitchen table since January 2nd.

I did a beginning of the year “clean out the pantry” and moved the brown sugar and powdered sugar into new canisters I stole in a hot Christmas gift exchange. As I pried open the old tin, I nearly ripped off a nail and dumped powdered sugar all over the floor. As I took out the sugars, I realized the bottom is almost rusted through, it is not really working very well as a container anymore. I looked at it and thought – it’s time to let this go. So, I set it on the table.

Now, no shame if you are a “pile it on the kitchen table” person – but for context, I am not that person. And yet, the tin remains on the table going on three weeks.

The “sugar tin” as I called it lived in the lazy susan cabinet in the bottom left corner of my Gramma’s kitchen. That is her handwriting on the tin, and I remember when she got it. I could not have been more than 5 years old. I thought it was so cool because it looked like the top was embroidered! There is no telling how many times I have opened that tin in my life. I remember opening it more frequently as she got older, her hands no longer able to pull off the tricky top. I love those memories. And while I know it is just a rusty old tin, it is a symbol for a time past – a time that I cherish. But, it is time to move on to another container… one that can hold what is meant to be inside.  

Psalm 143 is one of my favorites – I have certainly written about it before:

I remember the days of old
I meditate on all you have done
I ponder the works of your hands
I stretch out my hands to you
My soul thirsts for you like a parched land. v.5-6

The book of Psalms reminds us over and over and over to remember the days of old. This is important! For if we remember what He has done and the examples of His goodness, provision, and mercy – then it will inform and strengthen our faith in the present.

That being said, I do not believe the intent is to remember and then stay in the past. I think the intent is to remember and go forward, with a new grip on a bigger shield of faith. Because you REMEMBER all He has done, you watch eagerly to see His faithfulness again and again.

New wineskins replace the old and new seasons emerge. And I praise God for this, even though it is painful sometimes. I do not want to be the same woman I was yesterday; I want the Lord to grow and change me even as I type! Oh and He is! Trust me, He has his work cut out for Him… oof. Thankfully He will not give up on me. He is faithful and He finishes what He starts.  

So, as I look at this tin, I ask God – what needs to go? What part of my life needs to change – what relationships? What practices, habits, thoughts? How can I better steward what You are doing inside of me? Because God, I remember all that you have done, and it brings me to my knees. So Lord, help me get rid of the old so I can step into the new.
I trust You. You are faithful. You will surely do it.
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