Best Friends and Babies

Best Friends and Babies

Meet Truett and his newest brother, Everett. This picture is from a few weeks ago when I met Everett for the first time. Truett was SO proud to show me his “baby brother Everett”. Their middle brother, Barrett, was far too busy to break for a picture.
Amber, their Mom, has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. We grew up together in Lockney and attended the same school from the time we were in 1st grade until we graduated from High School. Although we attended different universities, we were only 45 minutes apart and saw each other as often as our schedules would allow. I met Travis (her husband) at my Senior Voice Recital in college. I knew he was a keeper if he volunteered to come to a classical voice recital. Ha. I wasn’t wrong – he is exactly who you want your best friend to marry.
I could go on and on about our friendship. We survived lots of bad haircuts, middle school, breakups, heartbreak, and traveling around the world. We have been at each other’s sides as we buried Grandparents. She "facetimed" me through killing my first NYC apartment roach - an ordeal that took longer than I will admit. I stood beside her on her wedding day and have had first looks at each of her babies. We have seen some really low lows and some really high highs. I pray you have a friendship like this.
This picture captures one of those really high highs. As you may know, watching your best friends have babies is a joy. Getting to be a part of their lives is such a gift – and while I am not technically their “aunt”, I will always answer to the name. Isn’t it incredible how you can love a little person so much? They are truly a gift of God.
Earlier in the day I was outside with Truett on his new play-set. As I pushed him in the swing, he told me all about his school and his best friend, Nora. He told me about the games they play and what they talk about. Truett is 4. I met Amber when we were 6. Wow, those years have flown by.
Seconds before the photo I was telling Truett that I used to hold him when he was a little baby like Everett. I flew in and stayed 2 weeks when he was born. Amber and I did little but hold him in those weeks. Truett thought it was so funny that I laid on the couch as he slept on my chest for HOURS. He was laughing so much he could not sit still for a picture.

Even today I laugh at the memory – Truett belly-laughing while Amber was trying to snap a picture – Barrett running around somewhere and Everett sleeping in my arms. In that moment - in those moments - when my heart is so full it could burst, I feel the affection of God. And I think, that fullness – that goodness – that is how God feels about me. My heart is full all over again.
Jesus is my friend.
I am a Child of God.
And oh how He loves me.

And at that truth, I am undone.
I recently attended the Pursuit Conference in Houston with the NextGen Team. Dr. Jack Deere was a speaker. He talked about gazing on the beauty of the Lord as referenced in Psalm 27:4:

One thing I ask from the Lord,
    this only do I seek:
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
    all the days of my life,
to gaze on the beauty of the Lord
    and to seek him in his temple.

This picture gives me insight to the beauty of the Lord. The love I feel and experience comes from Him. And you guys, there is more where that came from. I invite you to ask God to tell you, to bring to your mind, all the memories, all the ways He has shown His beauty, His love, His affection. I want you to sit in it. Savor it. Gaze upon it.
Then praise Him.
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