Waiting and Watching

Waiting and Watching

I have driven over the train tracks in downtown Carrollton approximately 100 times and have never seen a train. In fact, I honestly thought maybe they were old and out of service.
Marlee and I were on our way to meet Josh and Hunter for a team lunch at Twisted Root in downtown Carrollton on Thursday. I was excited to take a break and have lunch with them – we always have fun together and I had been staring at the computer all morning.
Enter, the train. Marlee and I both laughed, rolling our eyes because the restaurant was literally right on the other side of the tracks… we could see it through the parked train cars. And that was fine for about 2 min. But the train was not moving. We went through our options but realized, no matter where we went, the train was blocking the way forward. So, we waited. 5 minutes in we were excited as the train started to move forward until the last car was directly in front of us… but then it started moving backward. Forward and backward. Forward and backward. Forward. And. Backward.
And all there was to do, was wait. We turned it into a game of sorts – taking bets on if this was the time it would go ahead and move ALL the way – wondering if this was the time it will move from our path.
We watched intently – hardly taking our eyes from it – almost willing it to move.
One of my favorite Psalms is 130. Specifically verses 5-6:

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits,
And in His word I put my hope.
I wait for the Lord, more than watchmen for the morning,
More than watchmen for the morning.

Watchmen (as are referenced here) were those who were “on the lookout” - sentinels stationed to watch the horizon that they may announce the first sign of a new day.
I wonder, what does it look like when God’s people watch for His next move, His next mercy, His next comfort in the same way – with the same intensity as a watchman. What does it look like if we wait and watch with even MORE intensity?
I do not know about you, but I hate waiting. And honestly, I don’t do it well.
But the Lord, He teaches me.
But the Lord, He gives me mercy.
But the Lord, He is my hope.
I don’t know what you are waiting for. We are all burdened in different ways – some of us are waiting on provision and protection for ourselves – some of us are waiting for provision and protection for others. I do know we are all waiting for His Kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Lord, have mercy.
And in these times when confusion and division are prevalent. In these times when fear seems to rule. In these times when so many around the world are SUFFERING greatly at the hands of others, I pray we are a people who can recite and live Micah 7:7:

But as for me, I will look to the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.

My encouragement today is that we do not wait idly. We wait WHILE we watch – expectantly, eagerly, knowing that He who has called us is faithful. He will surely do it.
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