Bliss Street

Bliss Street

Back before my hair was red or I lived in Dallas, I lived two flights of stairs down and 3 blocks from this 46th street platform in Sunnyside. I must have walked up and down those stairs thousands of times.

I took that picture on my last day in Queens – all moved out, the last time I had to walk up those steps to the above-ground platform that rattled as the train approached (yes, it was unnerving every time).

You can’t really tell in the photo-but my eyes were glistening. I wiped my eyes and snapped that picture as the train approached. The platform rattled and I thought, “This. This is a moment I don’t ever want to forget.”

I ran across the picture this week and almost felt the shake of that platform as the train approached. I relived the bittersweet feeling of “goodbye” and the MANY memories held on that little street. Obviously, my eyes filled with tears again.

The NYC Subway is incredible – despite its many problems. The pictured stop is one of many on the purple 7 line that runs through Queens. It is the 46th Street – Bliss Street Station. Bliss. I didn’t realize how appropriately named I would find the stop one day. But, looking back, it is exactly what I would say about the moment I took that picture: bliss.

According to Meriam-Webster, bliss is defined as “the state of perfect happiness – typically so as to be oblivious to anything else.”

You see, in that moment I was oblivious to the memory of the first rats I saw while walking on the street alongside trash piled up to my waist.

I forgot about walking in ALL the elements and watching as the doors closed JUST as I ran up the stairs to catch the train.

I didn’t think about the real struggle of schlepping my groceries home – or going vegetarian for a while because I could not afford meat…hahaha.

The memory of walking into my apartment and seeing a roach the size of a small reptile was gone.

The hustle – the grind – the tears – all of that was far from my mind. No, I just smiled, perfectly happy at the chance to have lived somewhere so great. Perfectly overwhelmed by the provision and kindness of God.

What are your moments?

June has been CRAZY. Three camps in 4 weeks (WHO PLANNED THAT … it was me…)?! There have been many moments I have thought, “no. what am I doing? This is nuts and dumb and it doesn’t even matter.”

There have been moments I have wanted to give up and do less than what the Lord has put before me. The enemy has pursued my mind and I relate to David’s psalm 143:… the enemy has pursued my soul…my spirit faints within me…But THEN David says:

“I remember the days of old;
I meditate on all that you have done;
I ponder the work of your hands.
I stretch out my hands to you;
My soul thirsts for you like a dry land." (v.5-6)

I am so glad I took that picture – it reminds me all over again of what the Lord has done. Considering WHO He is and WHAT He has done – nothing else matters.

As I remember all these things, I am perfectly happy and oblivious to any problems. I am blissfully in love with my Savior.

So, in the moments of crazy, I encourage you (and me) to stop and remember. Ask the Lord to bring moments to your mind when He provided, protected. Ask the Lord to remind you of what He has done and then praise Him. After all, won’t He do it again?
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