That\'s What Neighbors Do

That's What Neighbors Do

Last night I was sitting in the living room, talking to my Dad on the phone - checking in after another day of "2020". With almost everything unplugged, and the heat on very low to conserve as much energy as possible, my house was very quiet. But as Dad was assuring me they were fine, I heard screaming.

I walked to my front door and opened it wondering what on earth was going on and heard it again - a woman yelling. I walked outside into the snow and looked around and finally saw my next door neighbor come out of her house in a panic. I asked her if she needed help. She told me the dog had escaped and run off and she didn't know what to do. I told Dad I had to go, told Karen I would grab my boots and would go look for the dog with her.  She said, "Do you have extra boots I could borrow?" Yep. Thanks NYC. "I do, let me get them and I will be right out. We will find him."

By the time I grabbed boots for us and walked back outside, the dog had just run back into the yard (I guess he thought better of his escape...) and into the house. Karen stood on her porch and thanked me. She said, "Alexis. Thank you. Thank you for helping."

I thought, "Well of course. That's what neighbors do."

I called my Dad back and as I was telling him the story I was reminded of the first time my dog ran away. My neighbor, Billy, heard me yelling and came to help.

Because that's what neighbors do.

I thought about the many times we piled in the car to drive a mile down the dirt road to help our neighbors with this or that, or how many times they did the same for us. I learned, by example, that we have the opportunity and responsibility to look out for each other.

Because that's what neighbors do.

It is also what Christians do. Well, it is what we should do. After all, they will know we are Christians - Christ followers -  by our love. The early church in Acts recorded "no need among them". What a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ - loving God and loving others. Can the same be said of our neighborhoods?

Of course we cannot control the weather, or the consequences of living in a fallen world. We certainly cannot control the Texas power grid. But we each have something to give. We need each other and God WILL use us to be the Hands and Feet of Christ. As Andy Stanley says, "We can do for one what we wish we could do for everyone." And that can start by helping your neighbor. Because that is what we do.

Trust me, your kids are watching.
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